Fall 2011
Simon Penny

Spring 2011

Ron Cheek
Sally Weber
Elena Manferdini

Fall 2010
Vitaly Komar

Spring 2010
Samuel Yates
Anita Kunz

Fall 2009
Art 21
Judy Pfaff

Spring 2009

Michele Brody
Jenny Sabin

Fall 2008
Danny Rozin

Spring 2008
Terry Allen
Paolo Piscitelli

Fall 2007
Bob Sabiston

Spring 2007
Elaine Reichek
George Pratt
Gaston Nogues

Fall 2006
Ann Hamilton

Spring 2006
Dawn DeDeaux
LiQin Tan
Wenda Gu

Fall 2005
Eduardo Kac

Spring 2005
Patty Carroll
Annika Erixån
Steve Rowell, CLUI

Spring 2004
Marcia Lyons
Randall Packer
Nell Ruby
Camille Utterback
Jeff Weiss and Zoe Sheehan Saldaña

Made possible by the
Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts
the College of Architecture, and the Department of Visualization




College of Architecture Artist in Residence Program
Contact Carol LaFayette, Chair


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